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"Hey, what's up Knight?"

Don't ask.

The Indiana University coach, Bobby Knight, was fired by university President Myles Brand last Sunday for violating a "zero tolerance" behavior policy instituted in May.

After freshman Kent Harvey addressed Knight by his last name last week, the fiery coach allegedly grabbed Harvey by the arm and reprimanded him. Knight says he was just trying to teach the student some manners. Harvey, who has now left the school, has received death threats. On Tuesday, assistant coach Mike Davis was named to replace Knight.

But don't feel too sorry for Bobby - Indiana will pay him $1.3 million in deferred compensation over 10 years.

Q: Why was the 'zero tolerance' policy prohibiting 'inappropriate contact' imposed?

A: Because of Knight's behavior when he choked one of his players in 1997, which came to light earlier this year. Since the school put him on notice, Knight had bad-mouthed the administration and alumni and threw a tirade at a female athletic-department official in his office, according to President Brand.

Q: How do the players feel about the firing?

A: Some players threatened to leave because they came to Indiana just to play for the championship coach. Junior guard Dane Fife changed his mind about transferring when told that Davis had been hired. Most say they now feel they have something to prove.

Q: What's next for Knight?

A: He could coach at another college or in the NBA. Indiana Pacers coach Isiah Thomas, who led Knight's 1981 team to a national title, said he would welcome Knight as an assistant. "I would love for him to sit on the bench with me and ... mentor me," Thomas told a Detroit radio station.

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