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This comprehensive site offers guidance on a range of topics including dating, discipline, and the dinner hour. It posts relevant articles and tips, and "guide" Julie Jeffrey fields questions of all kinds. Once a week, the site hosts a chat room for single parents.

This online and offline publication was founded in 1995 by Marilyn Facey, a divorced mother. She was soon joined by Steven Coker, a financial planner and tax accountant. Together, they address issues relating to finance, law, custody, and many other topics of interest to single parents.

This site was created for and by mothers to support, nurture, and entertain moms and to serve as a source of information and encouragement. It recently featured a helpful column, "School Strategies for Single Moms," by Andrea Engber, founder of the National Organization of Single Mothers Inc. in Charlotte, N.C. She also writes a nationally syndicated column, "Single ... With Children."

Mother, author, and parent educator Jodie Lynn writes a nationally syndicated column on parenting and hosts this online site. She occasionally features topics of particular relevance to single parents.


"Real Boys," and "Real Boys' Voices," by William Pollack

The Harvard psychologist urges parents not to buy into what he calls the "boy code" - conditioning that teaches us to be tougher on boys than girls, and never to worry about lavishing "too much" love on them. He assures single mothers that it's possible for them to raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted boys.

"Angry Young Men: How Parents, Teachers and Educators Can Help 'Bad Boys' Become Good Men," by Aaron Kipnis. (Jossey Bass Publishers)

Dr. Kipnis writes about societal factors that contribute to the absence of fathers and the increase of single motherhood in our culture. He offers suggestions for supporting single mothers so that their sons can thrive.

"Speaking of Boys: Answers to the Most-Asked Questions About Raising Sons," by Michael Thompson. (Ballantine Books).

The co-author of "Raising Cain" thoughtfully addresses important issues related to parenting boys. A section on divorce features his answers to questions posed by single parents.

"Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours," by Kevin Leman. (Baker Book House Co.)

Dr. Leman, a family psychologist and father of five, has appeared on national television. This update of his popular parenting guide offers many practical tips for single parents.

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