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The top six US airlines hiked domestic fares for the fourth time this year. The so-called fuel surcharge, amounting to $20 per round trip, is to counteract the cost of jet fuel, experts said. Since it's a surcharge, the increase won't show up immediately in the posted price of a ticket, whether checked online, over the telephone with the airline, or through a travel agent. Fuel is the second-greatest cost for airlines, after labor. The carriers announcing the latest hike: American, Delta, United, Continental, Northwest, and US Airways. TWA also has said it would match the increase.

A multimedia powerhouse worth billions of dollars may be announced later this week if delicate negotiations remain on track, the Toronto Globe & Mail reported. The all-Canadian company would merge The Globe & Mail, the CTV network, the Internet portal Sympatico, and possibly two Toronto pro sports franchises, the Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League and the Raptors of the National Basketball Association, as well as the arena in which they play, the Air Canada Centre. The merged properties would be jointly owned by BCE Inc., the parent company of Bell Canada and CTV, the nation's largest commercial broadcaster, and the Thomson family, whose interests include the Globe & Mail.

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