A dazzling flight through the sprinkler

It is 8:30 on a warm summer evening. It hasn't rained much this summer, so regular watering of our country property is essential. This is unusual for western Oregon.

About an hour ago I set an oscillating sprinkler in the grass by the side of the house. I came into the bedroom to read a book. As I glanced up to see the water outside the bedroom window go back and forth, I noticed a small hummingbird flying in the spray.

He flew to the outer edges of the spray when it was in the "up" position. Then, as it began to go to the left, he flew quickly to the left. He waited for the spray to come to him and darted all around in the water until it headed to the right.

Then he repeated the process, flying to the right side of the spray. This went on for about five minutes, back and forth.

This beautiful little bird reminded me of the delight I experienced as a child running through the sprinkler - except that mine whirled around. I wonder if anyone enjoyed watching me play in the sprinkler back then?

Thank you, tiny creature, for letting me witness your joyous shower. You have made my evening richer.

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