Readers write: 'I'm looking forward to the next 30 years'

Memories of a century

Re: "Lives of a Century" (June 7): I turned 70 in July, and I'm looking forward to the next 30 years." Berniece Green Detroit

"Lives of a Century" featured awesome people and stories. So much wisdom can be learned from these people. Too bad young people are in such a rush that they aren't much interested in these stories.

Priscilla P. Martin Francestown, N.H.

Essence of sportsmanship

Thank you for the fine article "Remember when playing kids' sports was actually fun?" July 19. This brought to mind a column written by Mitch Albiom for the Detroit Free Press titled, "Whatever happened to grace?" It dealt with the loss of what we used to refer to as "good sportsmanship." When my sons were in high school, the coach told them in no uncertain terms, "I am going to make you gentlemen first, scholars second, and athletes third."

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I read that a panel or committee has been set up to draft a code of behavior for parents of Little Leaguers. Imagine - teaching grownups how to act grown up in front of their kids!

On a happier note, when my grandson (now 36) was on a Little League team, his mother attended all the games. She told me that there was one boy on the team who had a disability. He could not walk or run very well, nor swing a bat very forcefully, but he was in the lineup for every game and always took his turn, though he never hit the ball.

Then came the day when the bat really smacked the ball, which landed about halfway to the mound. The pitcher was not too speedy in scooping it up, and the boy reached first base! The boys on both teams cheered as the adults cheered - tears running down their faces.

This is the picture I will cherish rather than the current ugly ones. I am sure there are still more good stories than bad, but we don't always hear them.

Jessie M. Liddle Dearborn, Mich.

Making new friends

Re: "Focus on Friendship" June 28: I really liked the spread on friends and entertaining. I make an effort in the winter months to invite a family [from my child's school] over for dinner and a game or just conversation, in order to get to know a different family each time. It doesn't matter if our kids are the same age or gender, and how tidy my house is. I enjoy the Homefront section because it seems you are trying to find the heartbeat of America and modern life. It makes me feel tied to a greater world when you are discussing issues I'm dealing with.

Margaret Bull Kirkland, Wash.

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