It takes a village, and a checklist

The Search Institute says these assets help young people grow up

*Family support

*Positive family communication

*Ties with nonparent adults

*Caring neighborhood

*Caring school climate

*Parent involvement in schooling

*Community that values youths

*Community gives youths a role

*Service to others (one or more hours per week)


*Family boundaries (monitoring of whereabouts, clear rules)

*School boundaries

*Neighborhood boundaries

*Adult role models

*Positive peer influence

*High expectations

*Creative activities (three-plus hours per week in the arts)

*Youth programs (three-plus hours in sports or organizations)

*Religious community (one-plus hours per week)

*Time at home (out with friends two or fewer nights per week)

*Achievement motivation

*School engagement

*Homework (one-plus hours daily)

*Bonds to school

*Reads for pleasure

*Caring (values helping others)

*Promotes equality and justice

*Integrity (acts on convictions)



*Restraint (not sexually active, avoids alcohol and other drugs)

*Plans and makes choices

*Interpersonal competence

*Cultural competence (knowledge of and comfort with people of different backgrounds)

*Resistance skills (to peer pressure, danger)

*Resolves conflicts peacefully

*Personal power (sense of control over things)


*Sense of purpose

*Positive view of personal future

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