A scooter-spotter's guide

Here's a sampling of what a booming industry has to offer:

1. Tikes can start out on small scooters made by toy companies like Sport Fun, Kettler, Switchboard, and Royce Union (the two to the left and right) available at major toy retailers. Prices range from $30 (for what amount to skateboards with handles) to about $100.

2. Kick-powered scooters, like the lightweight Razor (less than 6 lbs.) the Quick Kick and Matrix (below) are becoming popular with teens and parents. The Razor costs about $100.

3. Want power? The electric Zappy (below) moves as fast as a brisk run (8 to 12 m.p.h.). Gas-powered scooters, like the Go-Ped, travel between 15 and 19 m.p.h., depending on the rider's weight. Both styles fold up. Priced about $600 (Zappy) to $650 (Go-Ped).

4. The European style sit-down scooter is also seeing an upswing in sales. Some smaller models meet the speed and power restrictions for mopeds in some states (check with your motor-vehicle registry). Yamaha makes the Zuma II. The Honda Elite 50 (shown) has a 2-stroke, 49cc engine. But it's now lightweight at 145 pounds. It's priced at about $1,650.

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