Tiger, Lance, and ... James

Two Americans dazzled the world over the weekend with epic sports performances.

Tiger Woods won the British Open with a record-breaking low score and became the youngest player (and fifth ever) to win all four of golf's biggest events - the Gram Slam. He showed that golf right now is being played on two levels - his and everyone else's.

Across the Channel, Lance Armstrong pedaled to a second straight win in the Tour de France, making it look so easy some called the event the Tour de Lance. His return to athletic brilliance after serious illness continues to be poignant and inspirational.

But how about including James Pittar among Sunday's sports heroes? The blind Australian became the first person ever to swim the treacherous 14-mile channel between the Massachusetts islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. Kayakers with whistles guided him on his arduous, courageous, and historic trip.

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