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Control of Jerusalem is a key issue in the Mideast talks. Why do both sides feel so strongly about the city?

Yesterday's demonstration against US military bases on Okinawa is rooted in the islands' history.

China wants to be a world power, but it's backing away from using atomic power to fuel its economic growth .

Europe faces ecoterrorism as a labor-union strategy.

David Clark Scott World editor


*ANGRY, BUT POLITE: When Ilene Prusher went to interview protesters at the US military bases on Okinawa yesterday, she was taken aback by how politely she was treated. The demonstrators were viscerally opposed to the US military presence on their island, but wanted to make Ilene feel welcome. "They made sure," says Ilene, "to add that no matter what, they really love Americans and democracy."


*BLOOD-FREE DIAMONDS: As reported on July 18, the international diamond industry met in Belgium, Antwerp, this week and has announced new measures to curb the trade in diamonds used to pay for wars in Africa. "These proposals go a long way to meeting many of the concerns about conflict diamonds," said a statement from human rights groups. The measures call for countries importing rough diamonds to accept only parcels officially sealed and registered in the exporting country. Countries buying or selling diamonds will be required to pass laws to bring criminal penalties against any party trading in conflict diamonds.

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