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Egypt's President Mubarak plays a growing role in Mideast peacemaking.

'The Patriot' has the English fighting mad - 224 years after the American Revolution .

France prepares to celebrate its revolution with a 337-village-long picnic.

Fiji hostages were released, but it may only mark an end to chapter 1.

Chinese and US military leaders look for ways to rebuild ties.

David Clark Scott World editor


CELEBRITY LODGING: The Monitor's Kim Campbell opted to stay at a small hotel in the Notting Hill section of London, because of the price. When she mentioned she was working on a story about "The Patriot," she was told that the hotel was a favorite among stars. The Spice Girls did all their media interviews at the hotel. Meat loaf and Shirley MacLaine have slept there, according to John at the front desk. And American pop musician Moby (the great-great-grandnephew of Herman Melville) is a regular.

NOT MUCH OF A PATRIOT: Reporter Eduardo Cu won't be joining the Bastille Day France-wide picnic today; he's going to a seminar on French politics! He predicts other Frenchmen may find their own reasons for missing the pique-nique. "The weather has been horrible, like November. It's cold and rainy throughout most of France," Eduardo says.

PIZZA WITH THE PHARAOHS: Egypt has always embodied both the ancient and modern, but Mideast correspondent Scott Peterson found an extreme example. After riding camels around the sun-baked pyramids and examining the glory of the Sphinx, Scott need refreshments. Across the road, facing the Sphinx, he found a Pizza Hut. From the second floor - practically nose-to-nose with the ancient beast - he ate a Super Supreme pizza, while listening to hits of the 1960s.

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