If you go to Fraser Island

Both major domestic airlines, Ansett and Qantas, fly into Hervey Bay, the main staging post on the Australian mainland for people heading to Fraser Island. Relatively cheap coupons for domestic travel are available on both airlines for international visitors who buy them before leaving home.

Many tour operators in Hervey Bay offer day trips to Fraser Island that take in some of the main sites in four-wheel-drive buses.

Air Fraser Island (011-61-7-4125-3600) will fly you directly from Hervey Bay Airport to Fraser Island for $45 Australian ($27 US) each way. They'll also fly you there, rent you a four-wheel drive, and provide all the camping gear you need to go with it for $170 Australian (about $100 US) a day.

See details on required camping and car permits at www.hervey.com.au/FraserIsland/


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