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Birmingham Museum of Art


July 16-Sept. 10

Sisters from Baltimore purchased Matisse's works on trips to Europe in the early part of the 1900s. Here are 68 pieces culled from their collection.

(205) 254-2565



Phoenix Art Museum

Annie Leibovitz: Women

July 29-Sept. 24

Sixty photos of women by Leibovitz - from celebrities to the unknown.

Mother, Muse, Goddess

Through Sept. 17

Two hundred years of women's clothing focus on three roles women play in society: mother (practical fabrics, aprons), muse (corsets), and goddess (evening gowns).

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Los Angeles

Los Angeles County

Museum of Art

Gold of the Nomads: Scythian Treasures from Ancient Ukraine

July 2-Sept. 24

Scythians, the fierce, nomadic horsemen who roamed the European steppe from the 7th to the 3rd centuries BC, commissioned lavish gold objects for ceremony and battle. The exhibit has the most comprehensive collection ever gathered.

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District of Columbia

National Gallery of Art

The Triumph of the Baroque: Architecture in Europe 1600-1750

Through Oct. 9

Baroque architects threw out practical Renaissance designs to place more drama into their work. 27 models and 40 corresponding artworks showcase Baroque ornamentation.

The Impressionists at Argenteuil

Through Aug. 20

Fifty-two works by such notables as Monet and Sisley. Created in the 1870s in Argenteuil, a small town 15 miles outside Paris, these works established the impressionist style.

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Clark Atlanta University Art Galleries; High Museum of Art

To Conserve a Legacy: American Art from Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Through Sept. 24

This joint project brings together paintings, photographs, and sculptures from the 19th and 20th centuries, including some by O'Keeffe and Steiglitz. Half of the show will be at Clark Atlanta University's (CAU) galleries, the other at the High Museum.

CAU: (404) 880-6644

HMA: (404) 733-4444



The Art Institute of Chicago

Focus: Olafur Eliasson

Through Aug. 13

Icelandic artist Eliasson photographs his surroundings (icebergs, caves), and uses elements from nature (ice, fire, moss) to construct sculptures.

(312) 443-3600


Des Moines

Des Moines Art Center

Pat Steir, Dazzling Water, Dazzling Light

Through Aug. 6

Contemporary artist Steir's turbulent paintings of crashing waves and serene water bring together Western abstraction and Asian art. This traveling exhibit features her large-scale paintings and a mural in Des Moines.

(515) 277-4405



Portland Museum of Art

N.C. Wyeth: Precious Time

Through Oct. 15

Illustrator N.C. Wyeth exposed another part of his artistic ability in lesser-viewed works of nature. The show features 50 of his paintings, including pieces published in books ('Treasure Island,' 'Kidnapped').

(207) 773-2787



The Museum of Fine Arts

Van Gogh: Face to Face

July 2-Sept. 24

Sixty of Vincent Van Gogh's portraits are gathered for the first time. The faces captured on canvas were those of everyday folks such as fishermen, peasant girls, and pensioners. In addition to his patented dash strokes in oil, there are also portraits sketched in ink.

(617) 267-9300


Clark Art Institute

Noble Dreams, Wicked Pleasures: Orientalism in America, 1870-1930

Through Sept. 4

Islamic art scholars explore 19th-century mercantile America's fascination with all things Middle Eastern through advertisements, film clips (dashing Rudolph Valentino), fine and pop art.

(413) 458-2303

New York

New York

Dahesh Museum

In the Footsteps of Goethe: Paintings and Drawings from German Collections

Through Aug. 19

German author Goethe wrote 'Italian Journal' in 1829, and the compilation of his letters and diaries from his travels in the 1780s moved German artists to descend on Italy to produce a sizable body of work.

(212) 759-0606

Whitney Museum of

American Art

Barbara Kruger

July 13-Oct. 22

Contemporary artist Kruger's works get to say their piece - her art usually features printed words.

Robert Rauschenberg: Synapsis Shuffle

June 29-Oct. 8

A monumental new work by Rauschenberg consists of 52 interchangeable panels. It's intended to be 'shuffled' by different persons each time it is installed. Among those who participated in the Whitney exhibit are David Byrne, Mike Wallace, and Martha Stewart.

(212) 570-3676



Institute of Contemporary Art

Wall Power

Through July 30

Examining the social, political, and artistic effects of mural art through an exhibit in the museum and a couple of commissioned works around Philadelphia, a city with more mural art than any other in the country.

(215) 898-5911

Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Arts of Hon'ami Koetsu, Japanese Renaissance Master

July 29-Oct. 29

Koetsu (1558-1637), whose ceramic and lacquerwork have been named 'national treasures' by Japan's government, has his first comprehensive exhibit outside his native country.

(215) 763-8100



Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

The Splendor of 18th-Century Rome

June 25-Sept. 17

Rome was a hub for the arts throughout the 1700s: paintings by Jacques-Louis David, Baroque furniture, and the Trevi Fountain. More than 442 pieces, including models of architecture.

(713) 639-7300

Fort Worth

Kimbell Art Museum

Stroganoff: The Palace and Collections of a Russian Noble Family

July 2-Oct. 1

The finest treasures of the Stroganoffs, one of imperial Russia's most influential families, are featured in this exhibition of late 16th- to early 20th-century religious icons, royal palace furnishings, and painting masterpieces.

(817) 332-8451



Chrysler Museum of Art

First in the Hearts of His Countrymen: America Remembers George Washington (1732-1799)

Through Dec. 2000

Celebrity isn't a 20th-century phenomenon. Washington was a popular figure in his day. Art and objects from the past 2-1/2 centuries featuring our first president are collected here.

(757) 664-6200



Seattle Art Museum

Twentieth-Century American Art: The Ebsworth Collection

Aug. 10-Nov. 12

More than 70 works of modern art collected by a Midwest executive who summers in Seattle, this exhibit has paintings by Hopper and de Kooning.

(206) 654-3100

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