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Some 10,000 women have gathered at the United Nations to produce a progress report on womankind - and there are signs of progress since the last conference in 1995.

Progress is also apparent in the Middle East peace talks. A meeting between principals is set for next week. But Israel's Ehud Barak is having trouble keeping his coalition government intact.

Cry havoc! Britain debates Shakespeare's literary stature.

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*A LITTLE BIRD TOLD HIM: The Monitor's Peter Ford is often approached by journalism students with lots of questions about how he goes about his job, and one of the questions they all ask is "Where do you get your ideas for stories?" Now, Peter says, he has something new to say. It was his nine-year-old son, Robin, who told him about the children's music festival that Peter wrote about today. Robin had read about it in a weekly children's newspaper he gets, and wanted to go. Who needs an editor to give him story assignments? Peter wonders. Who indeed.


*CAMPS TO CLOSE IN BURUNDI: Burundi President Pierre Buyoya agreed yesterday to close down so-called regroupment camps by July 31 and integrate the Tutsi-led Army - key concessions in negotiations to end Burundi's seven-year civil war. As reported on Dec. 16, 1999, an estimated 300,000 Hutus were put into holding areas that former South African President Nelson Mandela has called concentration camps. Mr. Mandela, who is mediating peace talks between the Tutsi government and the Hutu rebels, told Associated Press that "we have made very solid progress in our discussions."

*SHARK-FISHING BAN: The lucrative practice of slicing off a shark's fins and leaving the fish to die in the ocean would be outlawed in US federal waters under legislation approved by the House. The legislation now goes to the Senate.

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