More views of Earth

The shuttle-based EarthKAM isn't the only camera that can give you a view of the world. Earthcams are available in many locations, giving live, or "real time," pictures over the Internet. You can virtually "attend" aquariums, sports events, tourist attractions, nature scenes, street scenes, space, and more. The cameras below take a picture at regular intervals, such as every 90 seconds or every half hour, depending on the camera.

Here are a few:

NASA video

As many as 12 live cameras are trained on Florida's Kennedy Space Center, including those focused on launch pads, weather information, and construction of the International Space Station.


Choose from a list of South African National Parks and view wildlife or take a virtual drive through Djuma Game Reserve (part of South Africa's Kruger National Park). Select from the list of cams at the left of the screen.

Coral reef

This camera focuses on corals at the Fisheye View labs in Coral Gables, Fla.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyo.

Watch the Old Faithful geyser erupt!

... and much more.

Here you can select cameras from around the world showing animals (including ants, eagles, a kitten), people (inside a New York taxi, for instance), and places (Big Ben in London, Moscow's Kremlin, the Panama Canal). A satellite-based camera transmits live images of Earth as seen from orbit.

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