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Israel's Ehud Barak was elected one year ago today on a promise of achieving peace in the Mideast. But he now faces renewed violence amid broken down talks.

Roy Bennett provides a view of the Zimbabwe land and political crisis through the eyes of a white farmer.

Nunavut - the northernmost territory in Canada - is one of the most "wired" areas of the world.

Can scientists bring the Barbary lion, believed to have been used by the ancient Romans to kill Christians in the arena, back from the brink of extinction?

Faye Bowers Deputy world editor


*SHOW ME THE MONEY: Peter Ford says he doesn't care what the euro is worth, noting he is paid in French francs not US dollars. He just wants it to exist. At the moment, it is a virtual currency, to which the real European currencies are tied: Coins and notes won't be introduced until January 2002.

Until then, Peter keeps on a shelf, ready for sudden assignments, envelopes of Belgian and Swiss francs, Italian lire, Spanish pesetas, German marks, Dutch guilders, Hungarian forints, and English and Scottish pounds, which have the same value. The collection will only become more cumbersome: Next week he is going on a reporting trip to Scandinavia.


*PHONING HOME: To the 21 tourists and workers being held hostage in the Philippines since Easter, use of a satellite phone was "the most beautiful gift," said Franck Berruier of Europe One radio.

Nine journalists following the story (in the May 4 Monitor) in town crossed paths with Muslim separatists May 13, and were taken to the mountains and allowed to interview the hostages. Most of the Westerners and Asians held by Muslim separatists in the Philippine jungle got to phone home May 16, on the satellite phones the journalists brought to the rebels' hide-out.

The rebels are fighting to carve out an Islamic state from the predominantly Catholic country.

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