High school sociology


* The Abercrombies - preps.

* The Bookworms - the academics.

* The DeSantos - a group of about 40 senior boys who call fellow senior Dan DeSanto "their little god." This group pretty much rules the school.

* The Earthy Girls - girls who eschew makeup and care about the environment.

* The G's - boys, mostly African-American, who wear baggy pants and inner-city styles. This has racist overtones.

* The Goths - students who dress all in black, wear dramatic hair and makeup, and sulk around school.

* The Jocks - the athletes.

*The OP - the Oriental Posse, the large contingency of Asians who, for the most part, do incredibly well in school. This is derogatory.

* The Ravers - a new group that evolved from skaters. "They like to party and are into the drug scene," says one student.


"We're so suburbia."

"That's such a preemie scene," referring to underclassmen.

"I really thought that was broke." That was uncool.

"That's so ghetto." Also uncool.

"I don't want to slag anyone down." I don't want to insult anyone.

"Words don't bother me," used when you're being badmouthed.

"We usually just hoop and hang out."

To "play smoke" is to smoke cigarettes.

A common, and sarcastic, name for Naperville: "Naperthrill".

"Friends with benefits" - friends who get intimate without dating.

"The Cult" - Abercrombie & Fitch.

"ber-senior" - fifth-year senior.

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