A Father's Love for Elian

HERE are some translated remarks by Elian's father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, as he arrived yesterday in the United States:

I'm here with my wife and six-month-old son. This is Elian's true family, and we love him very much.

For 137 days I have endured separation from my son ... [while] he has had to spend time under temporary custody of some distant relatives who had never seen him before.

I made an appeal to US authorities to have my son returned to me, but it was not until Jan. 5 that in compliance with international law, the INS recognized the unquestionable principle of parental rights ....

It's been an agonizing experience to see my son submitted to cruel psychological pressures aimed at influencing his personality .... Worst still, Elian's been paraded and exhibited in public rallies and by the media with a clear intent to obtain political advantage from this tragedy.

I am truly impatient to have him returned to me as soon as possible and go back to Cuba together immediately.

Anyone understands that in the process of my son Elian recovering from his trauma, I can be guided only [by] love.

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