Conservatives as journalists? Why not?

Regarding Greg Crosby's March 30 opinion piece "Something's just not right": I find myself growing increasingly puzzled by his comment, which echoes the voices of others, namely that "... liberal entertainers, journalists, and executives seem to predominate in the entertainment and news professions."

This could well be true, but as this mantra is repeated over and over, the author seems to be saying that journalism and its related professions are closed to people who are "right wing" or conservative - as though there is a sign posted over journalism departments, "Abandon all hope of conservatism, ye who enter here."

There already are some well-respected "right wing" newspapers and magazines in existence, and there's no reason why there can't be more, or why honest journalists with conservative views can't join with others to provide "the other side."

This may take some professional soul-searching and striving, but if there really is a problem with balanced coverage, the sacrifice will be worth it.

Rosalie E. Dunbar Dracut, Mass.

Greg Crosby contends that not only the press or media but academic faculties are all liberals corrupting our youth. I submit that the people he criticizes are, on the whole, better educated, a little brighter, and closer to facts and events than the average person. When he complains that the media and academia all agree that the world is round, perhaps he might reflect that they may be right, and the Flat Earth Society wrong.

Louis Frey St. Paul, Minn.

Greg Crosby's opinion piece, "Something's just not right" was interesting. However, please let him know that any discussion of political tendencies based on the customary "liberal Democrat" and "conservative Republican" dichotomy is deeply flawed.

There are many of us that are neither, and we call ourselves Libertarians, the biggest (though still small) official third party in the United States.

Paul Boyce Sedona, Ariz.

Regarding Greg Crosby's March 30 opinion piece: As recent surveys indicate, Mr. Crosby is right to allow that a liberal-conservative balance has been achieved on the political playing field.

Despite the influence of academia and the media - institutions Crosby feels are awash in liberalism - conservatives are apparently holding their own.

Some of us leaning left are still waiting for a conservative voice who will not only articulate but demonstrate the compassionate element in contemporary conservatism. Show us this compassion, touch not only our minds but our hearts as well, and heads will turn.

Tom Vande Berg Tokyo

Endangered grandparents

As a grandmother reading Marilyn Gardner's March 29 column, "When 'I do' shifts to 'We won't' '' about the state and future of matrimony and family life, I found myself wondering whether grandparents may soon become an endangered species. As it is, many children have multiple sets of grandparents, or none at all. Are children of the future going to be deprived of one of the most treasured assets of traditional family life? Will there have to be schools for learning how to be surrogate grandparents? Will volunteer grandparenting groups (like Big Sisters and Big Brothers) be one of the options for retirees? The implications of this trend are enormous.

I can't imagine a future society robbed of the loving, lasting grandchild-grandparent relationship, an integral part of the traditional family structure.

Eileen Detlefsen Bellevue, Ohio

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