Workers value company integrity

More employees are finding that their company's ethics and integrity play an important role in their level of job commitment.

According to a study conducted jointly by the Indianapolis-based research firms Walker Information and Hudson Institute, the six workforce factors (in no particular order) that have the highest influence on an employee's commitment to his or her job are:

*the organization's reputation

*fairness at work

*trust in employees

*care and concern for employees

*satisfaction with day-to-day activities

*work and job resources

"There's no doubt that there's a connection between an employee's level of commitment to a company and his or her job performance," says Marc Drizin a vice president at Walker Information.

Other findings include:

*59 percent say their organization is highly ethical.

*47 percent believe their senior leaders are people of high integrity.

*45 percent of employees feel a strong personal attachment to their organization.

"This study clearly points out that employers ... need to focus on building relationships with their workers so that employees believe they are a valued part of the team," says Don Jonas of the Hudson Institute.

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