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In the United States, Canada's universal healthcare system is often held up as a model. So why are a growing number of Canadians being sent to the US for treatment ?

When he was mayor of Taipei, Taiwan's president-elect donned a Superman outfit and battled prostitution in the city. But it'll take more than a big "S" on Chen Shui-bian's chest to tackle the challenges that lie ahead .

A year after the NATO airstrikes, the hottest film in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, is about young Serbs rebuilding a basketball court amid the bombing.

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Reporters on the job..

*Lost Pupil Found: Reporter Farah Stockmen first went to Kenya in 1996 on a fellowship to teach street kids math and English. Out of 35 children, all but one are still in school. Since 1997, Farah has worked in Africa as a journalist. For today's story, she went to a juvenile-detention center in Nairobi. But her heart sank when she heard her name called. The one drop-out, Mbaluto Peter, was standing there in tattered clothes. "It was a difficult moment for me. He's a smart kid, but he has no home. He tried to live with relatives, but it didn't work out."

Follow-up on a Monitor Story..

*Depleted uranium in kosovo: NATO's secretary-general, responding to a query from the United Nations, has confirmed that American jets operating over Kosovo last year fired 31,000 depleted uranium rounds at Yugoslav armored vehicles. The Monitor first reported finding remnants of these bullets on Oct. 5, 1999. Though the US admitted using this bullet made of radioactive waste, it's the first time it has provided some details of where and how much ammo was used. This information will be used by scientists to determine if there are adverse health effects. The UN says it is now able to warn people to keep away from the areas where DU was used.

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