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Tensions are rising in Belgrade. WIth the approach of elections, the Yugoslav government is issuing "fines" and shutting down opposition media outlets. Opposition groups vow to defend key radio stations and newspapers.

Any solution to the Sri Lanka conflict will have to take into account a hard-line group that seldom makes headlines: the Buddhist monks.

Acting President Vladimir Putin is making publicity hay with the capture of a Chechen rebel leader. But the war isn't going well for Russian troops.

In Peru, birthplace of the potato, Andean farmers have science to thank for saving their spuds.

David Clark Scott World editor


ULTRA-ORTHODOX INTERVIEW: Reporter Ilene Prusher has lived in Jerusalem long enough to know about the challenges of a woman trying to interview men who are ultra-Orthodox Jews. And today's story was no easier to do than others. These men are not supposed to look at or touch any woman that is not a wife or relative. So, no handshake. Minimal eye contact. No long smiles. "It's very awkward. We're both trying to look like we're not having a conversation," says Ilene. "When I hear something interesting, it's hard not to respond with a smile or a look - the things you normally do in an interview. As a woman, you just don't want to appear too friendly," she says.

GNOCCHI in PERU? Reporter Catherine Elton expected to eat the standard Peruvian highland fare of potatoes and beans on her reporting trip into the Andes. But the town of Chacas was filled with dozens of Italian volunteers working on various development projects. And she ate with them. "We had potato soup, crepes with cheese and potato, and potatoes with a luscious tomato sauce. It was quite gourmet," says Catherine.

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