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It's been a little more than four years since the US brought together the leaders of the former Yugoslavia at Dayton, Ohio. They hammered out a plan to end the war in Bosnia and set up a multiethnic society. But absence of war is the only clear objective achieved. With one year remaining to fulfill the plan, most goals remain out of reach.

Quote of note: Dayton "ended the violence, but it never stopped the war." - Jacques Klein, head of the United Nations mission in Bosnia.

A little more than four months after taking control of Pakistan, Gen. Pervez Musharraf is turning the 52-year dispute with India over Kashmir into a central theme for his new regime.

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Triumph over tragedgy: The Cape Argus in Cape Town, South Africa, reported yesterday that more than 200 people from as far away as California participated in the first-ever Amy Biehl fun run in Cape Town.

Several Biehl relatives attended the event to raise money for a multipurpose center for the youths in Guguletu. Biehl, a white Fulbright Scholar from La Quinta, Calif., was volunteering in the all-black Guguletu township in 1993 when she was murdered by a mob of angry teenagers.

Biehl's parents have taken up where their daughter left off.

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