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In Kosovo, they spell relief: H-e-a-t. In the past eight months, aid agencies have given out 55,000 emergency home repair kits as well as wood-burning stoves and wool blankets (this page). Quote of note: "This operation should be the example for operations worldwide, rather than the exception." - UN spokesman.

How did 12-year-old twins in Burma come to lead the "God's Army"?

Turkey and Greece are building a better relationship. Can the divided residents of Cyprus follow the lead of their respective motherlands?

David Clark Scott World editor


*WHAT? NO BLINDFOLD? Reporter Justin Pritchard was warned by other journalists: An interview with the leader of the Karen National Union (KNU), a rebel group in Burma, would entail a blindfold and an armed escort to their hideout. When he got to the Thai border, he called the KNU's new leader Saw Ba Thin. Moments later, a pickup truck loaded with young men in army fatigues pulled up, and Justin braced himself. But they just ignored him. "Are they scoping me out first?" Justin wondered. Two minutes later, a little hatchback rolled up. "Hop in," said a jolly elderly man. It was Saw Ba Thin, himself. Apparently the style of the new KNU leaders is not quite so formal.M


* BEARDED BOXER BOWS OUT: Pardeep Nagra, the light flyweight Sikh boxer from Toronto, lost to a more experienced opponent, in a 7 to 3 decision, on Jan. 21. As reported on Jan. 20, Mr. Nagra got a court order to be allowed to wear his beard in the ring. His religion forbids shaving. Nagra says he will continue his fight against religious discrimination in amateur sports.

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