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WHAT: This site is among several on the Internet aimed at attracting young voters to election polls this November.

BEST POINTS: Click on "register now online" from the home page to participate in a pre-primary conference in California. The site offers a few transportation and lodging scholarships to attend this young-voter-mobilization workshop.

Or, click on "sign a petition" to urge the presidential candidates and the Commission on Presidential Debates to make one of the three official presidential debates a youth debate - with young people asking the questions and moderating. You can also receive free access to C-SPAN's archives in order to view its news coverage of the elections. This service is available for another two weeks.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Youth Vote 2000 claims to be the largest, most diverse nonpartisan coalition ever established to encourage civic participation among young people. It includes 45 organizations that collectively reach millions of young people ages 18 to 30 across the United States.

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