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National Football League Playoff Games (CBS, Fox, 12:35 p.m.): The Sunshine State will take the Saturday spotlight with Miami visiting Jacksonville,12:35 p.m. (CBS), and Tampa Bay host-ing Washington, 4:15 p.m. (Fox). Sunday's action moves to the Midwest with Minne-sota at St. Louis, 12:35 p.m. (Fox), and Tennessee at Indi-anapolis, 4:05 p.m. (CBS).

One-on-One With David Frost (A&E, 8-9 p.m.): General H. Norman Schwarzkopf (USA, ret.) chats with host David Frost in an engaging and candid interview. The hour covers a range of topics, including why he entered military school ("I asked to go ... because I was in a house full of women!"), Vietnam ("58,000 Americans killed for nothing!"), and the Persian Gulf War.


The Loretta Claiborne Story (ABC, 7-9 p.m.): Emmy-award winner Camryn Manheim ("The Practice") and Kimberly Elise ("Beloved") star in the inspiring story of the Special Olympian who would not let the label "mentally retarded" hold her back from attaining her dreams. The gripping television movie of a "generous heart and a courageous spirit" is beautifully acted and confidently written.

City of Angels (CBS, 8-9 p.m.): Blair Underwood and Vivica A. Fox head the cast of Steven Bochco's new series, set in a Los Angeles inner-city hospital (see review, this page). On Jan. 19, the one-hour drama moves to its regular time slot, Wednesdays at 8 p.m.


The Loretta

Claiborne Story

Sunday, Jan. 16

(ABC, 7-9 p.m.)

On The Inside: The CIA (Discovery, 8-10 p.m.): In some ways the CIA and Hollywood have a few things in common: There are special agents and special effects. And spies sometimes follow scripts. In this unprecedented instance of collaboration with the clandestine organization, we are offered a peek inside the walls of CIA Headquarters and hear a few good stories. It's James Bond documentarized.

The Sopranos (HBO, 9-10 p.m.): The compelling and critically acclaimed mob drama begins its second season. Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini), just promoted to street boss, gets harped on at home and on the job. While a therapist who saw the movie "Analyze This" won't take him on as a client, he's also brushed off by his former doctor, Jennifer Melfi (Lorraine Bracco). The second season introduces two new rivals for Tony: his sister, Janice (Aida Turturro) and ex-con Richie Aprile (David Proval). It's a solid and intriguing drama, but the show's mix of profanity and brutality may turn off some viewers.


27th Annual American Music Awards (ABC, 8-11 p.m.): Some of the biggest names in music and Hollywood will be on hand. Mariah Carey is expected to kick off the show. Jennifer Lopez, the Eurythmics, Lenny Kravitz, and Britney Spears are among the performers appearing live.

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