From cornflakes to Shake 'N Bake

The 20th century brought a variety of prepared foods - from Velveeta cheese (1928) to V-8 Juice (1948) - that changed Americans' eating habits, not always for the better.

Among those foods that appeared soon after the turn of the century were Hershey chocolate bars (1900), Barnum's Animal Crackers (1902), Ovaltine (1905), and Kellogg's Corn Flakes (1906).

Later introductions included Oreos (1912), Popsicles (1924), Kool-Aid (1927), Peter Pan Peanut Butter (1928), Twinkies (1930), Ritz crackers (1934), and Spam (1937).

The 1960s and '70s saw the arrival of Shake 'N Bake and Cool Whip (both in 1965) as well as Hamburger Helper (1970). Lean Cuisine frozen dinners debuted in 1981.

Source: Bon Appetit magazine

Compiled by Judy Lowe

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