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At press time Sunday, the Israeli-Syrian peace talks continued outside of Washington at a molasses pace. Decades of hostility are not easily dissolved. But in anticipation of a pact, Israeli officials are preparing - with the help of US consultants - a campaign to sell a Golan Heights deal to the Israeli public

The Northern Ireland peace deal is entering a new phase: IRA disarmament. And the details are being leaked

The 17th Karmapa Lama is the highest ranking Buddhist leader to flee in 40 years. His escape route, however, is taken by many Tibetans each year

How significant is the saber-rattling between India and Pakistan ?

David Clark Scott, World editor


*A CYBER TRADITION? The story on when Ramadan ends and the festival of Eid al-Fitr begins was a personal one for reporter Farhan Bokhari. This is the first year he hasn't climbed the roof of his Islamabad home or taken his young children out to the front yard to look for the new moon. "There's a lot of excitement, anticipating the start of Eid. We usually look for ourselves, but if it's cloudy, we watch for it on the telly," says Farhan. But this year, the Bokhari family checked a Web site for information about the new moon's debut. "There was just as much excitement," he claims.


*MISSING CHILDREN: A group of retired Argentine naval officers have been arrested for allegedly kidnapping children born to political prisoners during the 1976-83 dictatorship. As reported in the Nov. 3 Monitor, federal judges in Argentina are investigating whether there was a systematic plan for the illicit adoption of more than 200 children born to leftist dissidents. The Argentine press reported that arrests followed a raid on a naval base in Mar del Plata, where the military had set up one of several detention centers.

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