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The New York Times has corrected a mistake that appeared on its front page every day for more than a century. Saturday's paper was actually issue No. 51,254 - not 51,754. A curious news assistant ran the numbers back to issue No. 1, on Sept. 18, 1852, and found they added up to 500 fewer than indicated. It seems that on Feb. 6, 1898, a now-anonymous predecessor added 1 to 14,499 and came up with 15,000 rather than 14,500.


Is it time to renew your driver's license? If you're in Iowa, this may not be such a daunting prospect. The Motor Vehicles Division is offering quick service with a money-back guarantee. If it takes more than 30 minutes to process renewal of a private or commercial license - which normally costs $8 to $32 - you get the license free. Firms applying for incorporation with the Secretary of State or for storm-water permits from the Department of Natural Resources receive similar money-back pledges.

To see Mick Jagger show, you needed lots of dough

The Rolling Stones are masters at putting on fan-pleasing concerts. Mick Jagger's group also knows a thing or two about making money. No pop-music act made more in 1999, according to Pollstar magazine. Part of the reason for this success is the price of a Stones ticket. The average was $109.62, far more than the $43.63 concert average for groups ranked in the Top 50, which is up 30 percent since 1998. The 10 most-successful money-earners (in millions of dollars), based on Pollstar tabulations:

1. The Rolling Stones $64.7

2. Bruce Springsteen 61.4 and the E Street Band

3. 'N Sync 51.5

4. Dave Matthews Band 48.5

5. Shania Twain 40.8

6. Cher 37.7

7. Backstreet Boys 37.1

8. Elton John 32.5

9. George Strait's 32.4 Country Music Festival

10. Bette Midler 31.7

- Associated Press

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