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While he was on a recent visit to Greece, police confiscated the car of Albania's public-order minister, Spartak Poci. Authorities said the serial numbers on the car matched those of a vehicle that had been reported stolen in Italy earlier in the year. The data were obtained from a security system set up at the Christalopigi border point between Greece and Albania. Poci, who was driven on to Athens in a Greek-government vehicle, reportedly returned to Albania by plane the next day. The reason for his visit? A discussion of cross-border crime.


Derrick Seaver wants a seat in the Ohio House. Last week, Seaver - who hails from around Minster, in the west-central part of the state - became the first Democrat in his district to file for a March 7 primary. This might have gone mostly unnoticed except that Seaver is not yet old enough to vote. The high school senior is 17. He will turn 18, the legal voting age, on Feb. 6.

Red Delicious still leads - in numbers, if not in taste

Because the public has demanded a redder and redder apple, the Red Delicious has become "better for table decorations than [for] eating," according to fruit-tree consultant Bob Norton, a retired Washington State University professor. As a result, many growers and nursery owners are looking seriously at other varieties. For the time being, though, the Red Delicious remains most popular among growers in Washington, the No. 1 apple-producing state. Below, in order of the size of the harvest, are the apple varieties most often grown in Washington, based on the following approximate numbers of 42-pound boxes produced in 1997-98:

Red Delicious 44,000

Golden Delicious 12,000

Granny Smith 7,000

Fuji 7,000

Gala 4,000

Braeburn 2,000

- Associated Press

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