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Further study on zero tolerance, minorities

The federal government is taking a closer look at schools' "zero tolerance" policies at the urging of the Rev. Jesse Jackson - whose demonstrations on behalf of six expelled Decatur students gained national attention recently. The US Civil Rights Commission decided Friday to explore whether such policies tend to disproportionately affect minority and disabled students, said Chairman Mary Frances Berry. "School administrators who have to enforce discipline may want a one-size-fits-all policy," Berry said. "But on the other hand, one size doesn't always fit all."

Schools fail to prepare students for college

Many high school graduates are finding themselves unprepared for college and the work world, according to a report released last week by the Washington-based Education Trust. The high rate of college students who need remedial help testifies to the low standards set for many high school graduates, the report said. In 1997, a third of college students had to take remedial courses in reading, writing, or math - essentially reviewing what they should have learned in high school.

Compiled from news wires by Liz Marlantes

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