'On the fly' tips for e-ticketers

More and more business people are hopping on the Internet before they fly. Some 43 percent of corporate travelers have used electronic ticketing this year, according to a survey by the International Air Travel Association.

Buying an e-ticket lets you fly without worrying about a lost ticket. You can also avoid the extra fee that some airlines have begun to levy on paper tickets.

As the ticketing world goes digital, here are some tips to keep in mind:

*Always ask for a record-locator number when making a reservation. This number allows the airline to access your reservation when you don't have a ticket in hand and need to prove you have a seat on a flight.

*If you make a reservation on more than one airline, ask if each carrier will accept the other's e-ticket. This is particularly important if you fly in and out of bad-weather airports, where you might wind up on another carrier if your flight cancels.

*If you use e-tickets for business travel, always request a paper receipt when you check in at the airport. You will need this to be reimbursed for your trip.

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