Select findings and recommendations


*The success of the student depends most of all on the quality of the teacher.

*The academic capacity of graduates who enter teaching is comparable to that of college graduates overall for prospective secondary school teachers, but below average for prospective elementary school teachers.

*Demand for new teachers can be reduced significantly by reducing teacher attrition.

*The professional environment in which teachers work is inadequate to attract and retain enough high quality individuals to meet demand.


College and university presidents should:

*Take the lead in moving the education of teachers to the center of the institutional agenda.

*Commission rigorous, periodic, independent appraisals of the quality of their institutions' teacher-education programs.

*Require that education faculty and courses are coordinated with arts and sciences faculty and courses.

*Ensure that their teacher education programs have the equipment, facilities, and personnel necessary to educate future teachers in the uses of technology.

*Ensure that graduates of teacher-education programs are supported, monitored, and mentored.

Source: American Council on Education

(c) Copyright 1999. The Christian Science Publishing Society

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