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What: Tapping into the kind of highway camaraderie long associated with the "good buddy" types who wield CB radios, this consumer-action Web site aims to pump out the lowest gas and diesel prices throughout the US and Canada.

The best parts: Launched this month from the home of Canadian Doug Gordon, the site is meant to empower drivers - specifically those who drive out of their way to buy cheaper gas (you know who you are).

Select a city from the list to find cheap gas stations in that area.

Or, become eligible to win prizes (like a $30 gift certificate for Starbucks) by reporting low fuel prices in your city.

What you should know: Caveat emptor: This brainchild has some growing up to do. Since the site only launched two weeks ago, there isn't yet a large database of gas prices to chose from. (Drivers, get typing!)

Also, because most prices are reported by the general public, disclaimers abound - apparently a smart move by the site. Some hacker with the last name "Smith" has already entered a false price for many cities.

How to get there: Use the above address or fuel up through our site: (

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