Drive a bargain

The list below represents the best deals today on 1999 economy cars. All are equipped with 5-speed manual transmission, air conditioning, dual airbags, AM/FM cassette stereo, cruise control, and power windows and door locks.

CarBargains, which provides the data, is a service that, for $165, gets bids from five dealers in your area on the car you want. The prices include destination charges, customer rebates, and dealer incentives, but exclude fees and regional advertising expenses. Call 800-475-7283.

1999 Amount over (+) Factory

Small cars Best Amount under (-) invoice

sticker price price factory invoice cost

Chevrolet Prizm

$14,970 $12,675 -$1,400 $14,075

Nissan Sentra GXE

14,719 12,400 -1,000 13,400

Mazda Protege LX

15,075 13,177 -800 13,977

Toyota Corolla

15,328 13,425 -200 13,625

Source: CarBargains

(c) Copyright 1999. The Christian Science Publishing Society

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