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what: college can be difficult enough without worrying about your credit record. But understanding it is the key to a solid financial future. The goal of this site is to help students learn the importance and intricacies of credit.

THE BEST POINTS: The credit information available is first rate. You will come away from here knowing the nuances of credit cards and the companies that run them. A boat load of terms and information walks you through the credit process clearly and understandably. The authors discuss things such as the "25 day grace period" and how credit history can impact your future. Click on the "credit-card vocabulary" section and view the scads of well-defined terminology including a list of agencies from which you can obtain your credit report. The three major companies are Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax. The site recommends viewing your credit report from all three agencies because they work independently of each other and could have different information. Contact information for several consumer credit agencies is also included. One is the consumer credit counseling service, a nonprofit organization that has free or low cost consumer counseling and guidance (800-388-2227).

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: The credit repair section lists only an advertisement for one company, not a selection. While the site has practical information, it also aims to promote several student credit cards.

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