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East Timor may soon be free, but what will be left? Despite international outcry, Indonesian forces and paramilitary groups in East Timor are apparently conducting a political cleansing.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chvez's passion for "The Warrior's Oracle" has created an unusual bestseller out of a little 90-page book by a Chilean biologist . It also offers a window on the thinking of the region's newest strongman.

It didn't take long for those opposed to the latest Middle East peace accord to begin a terror campaign. What is telling is how Israeli and Palestinian officials respond to such attacks .

- David Clark Scott World editor


*KNOW YOUR ABC'S: Thanks to the latest revision of the Wye accord, Jerusalem-based Ilene Prusher will have to bone up on her ABCs. When she is covering stories in the West Bank, it's not always clear who controls what area. Sometimes she must ask locals if this is an "A," "B," or "C" neighborhood. It's not a question of status or wealth. Rather, it's a political designation. An "A" village is under full Palestinian control. The "B" areas are under Palestinian civilian rule (government, tax collection, schooling), but the Israeli army is in charge of security. The "C" areas are under full Israeli control. The new agreement will begin to move some B areas into the A category, and some C's will be come B's. Got it?


*MCDUCK DETENTE: After weeks of angry protests around France, one McDonald's outlet decided to serve up a peace offering. It invited farmers in for a Big Mac made with locally produced duck breast and pt de foie gras. The cheeseburgers were topped with blue-veined Roquefort. "We decided it would be nicer to do that that have them dump three tons of tomatoes and manure in the restaurant, said Eric Arnaux, the store manager. The US chain has been the target of French farmers protesting US trade sanctions on luxury foods. The sanctions were imposed after a European ban on US beef.

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