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What: Free coupons on the Web. And you only have to print out the ones you will use. Val-Pak Direct Marketing Systems, one of the nation's largest distributors of coupons, whose familiar fat blue envelopes periodically arrive in mailboxes nationwide, has gone digital. The site offers a selection of 30,000 discount offers from dry cleaning to haircuts to oil changes to pizza.

The best parts: Coupons are fully searchable and categorized. No more hours spent with scissors weeding through pages of coupons in the mail or the Sunday paper.

What you should know: You simply enter your zip code, then click (not clip!) the coupons you want to print, or else save them in a coupon envelope on your computer. If you register for the site (and provide your demographic information to Val-Pak advertisers), you can also get coupons by e-mail.

The service costs you nothing; it is supported by advertising.

How to get there: Either log on to the address above or point your browser at the Work & Money site ( and we'll get you coupon-clicking in no time.

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