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What: Here's help for any media-hungry consumer who has missed a key televised broadcast.

FasTV pulls together video footage from a wide range of news and other sources and cuts it into bite-size, annotated chunks for easy Web viewing.

The best parts: To collect on the promise of "your world, your way," you simply type - in your own basic terms - whatever it is you want to see, click FIND, and FasTV delivers the results in concise, personalized segments ... direct to your desktop.

Or click on one of the channel tabs at the top of the home page - news, business, sports, entertainment, or lifestyle - to see the latest headlines and feature stories specific to that channel.

Can't see the video very well? Click on "Download RealPlayer" to enhance viewing free of charge.

What you should know: To access the site you need a 28.8K or faster dial-up connection or a continuous broadband connection, and a standard, up-to-date browser to access the video.

How to get there: Either log on to the above address or point your browser at the Work & Money site ( and we'll connect you.

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