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Pineapple in a pickle

The sweet pineapple disks in Life Savers candy rolls could soon come to a bitter end. Nabisco, the corporate giant that makes Live Savers, says pineapple is by far the least popular of the tastes in its five-flavor lineup, which has been successfully marketed since 1935. So, the company is holding a public referendum on whether pineapple should be dropped in favor of watermelon or strawberry. There are no plans to cashier the four other classic flavors - cherry, lemon, lime, and orange. To register a vote, just telephone (877) 454-3372, or visit, the company's Life Savers Web site.


Purists may also be appalled to hear that school cafeterias in California, Colorado, Maryland, and New Hampshire have put "pruneburgers" on the menu. The mixture of hamburger and the "fiber-rich" fruit is being promoted by the California Prune Board as a healthy, low-fat lunch alternative. The board says it tastes just like a hamburger - but juicier.

Clinton honors eight with nation's top civilian award

Former President Gerald Ford and seven others received the Presidential Medal of Freedom last week during a ceremony in the White House. President Clinton, who conferred the awards, thanked the former president for calming the Watergate crisis, helping to end the Vietnam War, and signing the Helsinki Treaty on Human Rights. Others who received the award:

Lloyd Bentsen - US senator from Texas and Clinton's first secretary of the Treasury

Edgar Bronfman Sr. - President of the World Jewish Congress

Evelyn Dubrow - Lobbyist on labor issues

Sister Isolina Ferre - Advocate for the poor in New York City

Oliver White Hill - Civil-rights lawyer

Max Kampelman - arms-control negotiator.

Edgar Wayburn - Five-term president of the Sierra Club

- Reuters

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