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The shooting earlier this week at a Jewish community center in Granada Hills, Calif., has a resonance beyond the US. Anti-Semitism - including synagogue bombings and political attacks - is cropping up in many countries. Quote of note: "Nationalist extremism is increasing in our country. We should nip this danger in the bud or it will be a danger to civil society." - chairman of Moscow's Presidential Commission for Human Rights.

Chile is making an attempt to deal with its extremist past. Some 1,102 disappeared under the Augusto Pinochet regime in the 1970s. Now, five former Army officers have been charged with aggravated kidnapping. This opens a hole in the 1978 amnesty law designed to protect Chile's military officers.

Meet Yaakov Manor, Israel's Columbo. He's busted one vendor in Tel Aviv six or seven times for selling pirated copies of CDs. Some 2.4 million illegal cassettes and CDs are produced in Israel each year, for a total loss to US music companies, artists, and tax authorities of $30 million last year.

- Faye Bowers, Deputy world editor


*PHOTO SHOOTS? Jerusalem-based photographer Sharon Abbady found shooting the story on CD piracy in Israel to be a volatile assignment. While Sharon photographed a raid of an illegal CD merchant in an open-air market in Tel Aviv, the vendor grew furious, shouted curses at her, and repeatedly muscled her away from the scene. Sharon kept her cool and didn't respond to the name-calling, saying she was only doing her job. She says that covering crime in Israel is often more difficult than covering clashes between Israelis and Palestinians.


*ROVING REBELS: Russian jets and helicopters pounded Islamic rebels in Dagestan for a sixth day yesterday. Islamic rebel commander Shamil Basayev - a leader during the 1994 to 1996 Chechen rebellion - is running the show in Dagestan.

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