'The Rules of War'

(as laid out in the 1949 Geneva conventions)

*Attacks may be made solely against military targets. Parties to a conflict must distinguish between civilians and combatants, and civilians may not be attacked.

*Persons who do not or can no longer take part in the hostilities are entitled to respect for their life and for their physical and mental integrity.

*It is forbidden to kill or wound an adversary who has surrendered or who can no longer take part in the fighting.

*The wounded and sick must be cared for by the party that holds them. Medical personnel and facilities, identified by the Red Cross or Red Crescent symbol, must not be attacked.

*Prisoners are entitled to respect for their life, their dignity, their personal rights, and their beliefs.

*Torture, cruel or degrading corporal and other punishment is forbidden.

*Weapons and methods of warfare likely to cause unnecessary losses or excessive suffering, or severe or long-term damage to the environment, may not be used.

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