How baby boomers can motivate Generation Xers

*agree on clear, defined goals. Generation-Xers like to get results quickly.

*Directly connect accomplishments and rewards. Xers are motivated by knowing in advance the rewards for achieving goals.

*Give Xers access to information from many sources.

*Respect their independent and entrepreneurial attitude, and give them full responsibility for solving problems and fulfilling goals.

*Trust them and show that you are confident in their abilities. Xers want the freedom to demonstrate their talents and don't respond well to a "prove it to me" attitude.

*Give frequent constructive feedback and seek the same from them.

*Be action and results oriented, not process oriented.

*Provide professional development and skill building. *Understand clearly what your boss expects from you now, in six months. Together, set well-defined, written goals.

*Let your boss know you want regular feedback, challenging work, and varied learning opportunities when you set your goals.

*Demonstrate and prove your abilities even when you think you already have.

*Go beyond what's required every so often. Boomer bosses believe in doing more than expectations that have been set.

*Ask for coaching and mentoring from your boomer boss and peers, even if you think you don't need it. The reciprocal benefits will pay off.

*Acknowledge the contributions of your boomer co-workers.

*Use your problem-solving skills to help your boss get results.

*Don't start interactions with "I want" or "I need." Most boomers appreciate it when you ask them for advice or ideas.

*Say "thank you." That simple phrase goes a long way.

Source: The Innovative Edge

(c) Copyright 1999. The Christian Science Publishing Society

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