'Danno' of 'Hawaii Five-O'

Book 'em, Danno." James MacArthur still hears this line today, thanks to his role as Det. Dan Williams in the CBS-TV series "Hawaii Five-0" (1968-80). "Danno" was right-hand man to Det. Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord), who delivered the "book 'em" line. "Five-O" was a top-rated cop show not only in the United States, but also in England, Germany, and Japan.

Mr. MacArthur, the adopted son of Helen Hayes, had had some success in movies ("Kidnapped" and "Swiss Family Robinson" in 1960) when his small role in "Hang 'Em High" (1968) attracted the film's producer, Leonard Freeman. When Freeman was casting "Five-O," he tapped MacArthur. Success followed.

But MacArthur abruptly left the show in 1979, one year short of its demise.

"It was just time," he said in a phone interview. "I called the producer from South America and told him I was heading down the Amazon River...."

Back on land, MacArthur found lots of nonacting projects to keep him busy, including a large family, homes in Colorado, Hawaii, and California, and co-ownership of two newspapers (he has just sold his interests). Now he and two partners own a small investment firm.

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