Moscow eyes Jehovah's Witness literature

A moscow court recently rejected an appeal by Jehovah's Witnesses, saying a panel of experts would study the group's literature and recommend whether or not it should be banned.

The Moscow prosecutor's office has been trying to outlaw the Moscow branch of the US-based church. It is using a provision in Russia's controversial religion law that gives courts the right to ban religious groups found guilty of inciting hatred or intolerant behavior.

The case, which began last October, was put on hold in March when the judge decided to have a panel study the group's literature.

The Moscow prosecutor's office accuses the church of destroying families, fostering hatred, and threatening lives.

For now, Jehovah's Witnesses are barred from renting buildings for worship services. If outlawed, they would no longer have the right to hold public services, rent property, or distribute literature in Moscow.

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