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For many, the Somalia of today is synonymous with anarchy. But the warlords of Mogadishu may have met their match. A new force is emerging: the rule of law, Islamic law.

Another truce has been forged along the Kashmir line of control between India and Pakistan. But 50 years of intermittent conflict appears to have shattered 700 years of harmony between the Muslim and Hindu residents of the province.

While cooler heads prevail in Kashmir, how does the rest of India seek relief from the summer heat? Many buy a desert cooler - the poor man's A/C.

It's not easy being an anti-Milosevic protester in Yugoslavia. A look at the daily challenges opposition groups face.

- David Clark Scott, World editor


*DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT: Alex Todorovic was on an opposition bus, heading to an anti-Milosevic rally in Uzice. A Eurythmics CD was playing. The hint of danger in the air reminded Alex of the "freedom rides" of US civil rights activists. Then, Serbian police boarded the bus. Alex suddenly remembered he'd left his US passport back in Belgrade. "Not smart," he recalls. Although Alex speaks Serbo-Croat, he told the police in English that he was a journalist. They lost interest - protesters were their target - and never asked for his passport.

*AWAITING A BETTER SOCIETY: In Kashmir, Bob Marquand visited the home of a wealthy Hindu couple. Soldiers and sand-bag bunkers flank the gate. About five years ago, Muslim insurgents tried to kidnap the retired homeowner. But his Muslim driver saved him. Bob was struck by their faith in the return of a society that embraces all factions. "They said they felt a greater kinship to Muslims in Kashmir than their own Brahman caste in India."

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