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HE PROBABLY HAD A LOT TO SAY A suburban Cleveland woman has given a whole new meaning to the term computer hacker. News reports say she was fined $200 for taking a meat cleaver to her husband's terminal. It seems she'd grown weary of the hours he spent ignoring her while engaging in online chat sessions with other computer users - sometimes until 4 a.m.

SORRY, BUT I OWN THE PLACE Meanwhile, a landlord in Cologne, Germany, has won legal backing to evict a tenant because he wants the unit for himself. Reason: He snores so loudly that his wife demanded a separate bedroom. Their own apartment didn't have two, so the renter was told to go because of "pressing personal need."

Intersections that rate as the US's "most dangerous"

Metropolitan Dallas has three of the nation's most dangerous intersections, and two of them are on the same thoroughfare, Preston Road, according to new ratings by State Farm Insurance Co. of Bloomington, Ill. Its findings were arrived at by compiling 1998 collision claims of policyholders at intersections across the US. The list:

1. Addison, Texas: Belt Line Road-Midway Road

2. Plano, Texas: Preston Road-Park Road

3. Schaumburg, Ill.: Golf Road-Roselle Road

4. Beverly Hills, Calif.: Wilshire Blvd.-Santa Monica Blvd.

5. Dallas: Preston Road- Belt Line Road

6. Huntington Beach, Calif.: Adams Ave.-Brookhurst Street

7. Sacramento, Calif.: Fair Oaks Blvd.-Watt Ave.

8. Clearwater, Fla.: Sunset Point Rd-US Route 19

9. Las Vegas, Nev.: Rainbow Blvd.-Sahara Ave.

10. Chesterfield, Mich.: Gratiot Ave.-23 Mile Rd.

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