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American and other NATO soldiers will likely stay in Kosovo for years, making it crucial that they disarm the Kosovo Liberation Army. The KLA has agreed to hand over weapons by July 20 and disband by Sept. 18. But how will the disarmament be verified? Quote of note: "I have three Kalashnikovs. I will surrender one and two I will hide." - Hafir Galapeni, a KLA leader.

The unwillingness of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) to disarm may scuttle Northern Ireland's peace. Britain demands a settlement by July 1.

Thousands of private taxi minivans ply the streets of Nairobi, often run by cartels. A graft-ridden Kenyan government now wants to regulate and tax the drivers, who see money-hungry officials, while officials see an industry that's a hazard to society. The battle shows the difficulty of fostering a competitive economy in Africa.

- Clayton Jones, World editor

REPORTERS ON THE JOB *BETTER THAN AAA: To travel around Kosovo, reporter Jonathan Landay rented a Jeep Cherokee in nearby Croatia, ferried it to Albania, and drove across the mountainous border. Alas, in the middle of the war-ravaged province, the car's fuel pump quit. Not to worry, said his interpreter. He took the car to an able mechanic who survived the war as did his supply of auto parts. Within three hours and for just $200, the Jeep had a brand-new pump.

PRESS CLIPPINGS *IT'S OFFICIAL: For three weeks, since a June 7 election in Indonesia, Islamic and government leaders have debated whether a woman can become president in the world's most populous Muslim nation. Yesterday, the government decided, yes, the Constitution would allow Megawati Sukarnoputri, the leader of a party that won the parliamentary election, to be elected president this November. Four Muslim political groups, however, said Islam bars a woman from becoming president, while a group of preachers endorsed her, rejecting the gender discrimination.

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