Internet sites dedicated to women and investing.

Some of these sites are advertisements for services that are tailored

The investment section of this page has segments on retirement, insurance, estate planning and more.

Compilation of topics and Web sites tailored to women and investing. Subjects range from 401(k)s, investing calculators, and strategies for surviving a down stock market.

Women-oriented Web site with sections on investing, the stock market, and personal finance.

Stories include how to start investing, as well as detailed information about credit unions, insurance, and mortgages. twnchannel

Includes stories on investing, the S&P 500 Index, teaching kids to invest, and more. Has links to other investing Web pages.

The National Center for Women and Retirement Research, at Southampton College, Long Island University, offers a variety of resources for women including "money makeovers."

The investment company's informational guide for women. One area details Vanguard services.

Fidelity's take on the importance of investing for women. Includes advice on how to get started.

Salomon Smith Barney's page to help women prepare and plan for their financial future.

The investment firm's Web page has a special section for women that touts the firm's services and answers commonly asked questions.

Professional money-manager's site, with financial rules for women, as well as a quiz to determine investors' aggressiveness, and whether they should use a professional portfolio manager.

The investment section of this women-oriented Web page has articles ranging from how to start investing to portfolio planning in your 50s to estate planning, and more.

American Savings Education Council's page. The nonprofit group seeks to raise awareness about financial security. Has a special facts section for women.

Advertisement for investment newsletter. The Web side includes facts women should know about investing.

Nonprofit organization that helps women to learn about their finances. The site includes articles about financial freedom, conserving money, and more. Also offers nominally priced workshops around the country.

The Securities and Exchange Commission's site has information on how to plan your financial future. Contains information on monitoring investments as well as other educational material.

Forum for women and others. Contains articles on investing advice, determining whether you need a broker, forming an investment club, and more.

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