Internet sitings

What: A comprehensive source of investing information, where you can research stocks, look at annual reports, and read personal finance articles.

The best parts: contains useful information for novice and veteran investors alike.

The best feature is a mind-boggling number of links (over 11,000) to a variety of investment-related sites, as well as free financial-software downloads.

Visitors can also hop to a number of educational sites for a crash course in Investing 101. Useful tips abound on mutual funds, global investing, selecting brokerage firms, and day trading.

The best downloads are the Medved Quote Tracker, a portfolio management application that supports real-time quotes, and the Stock Profit calculator that tabulates the net profit of buy/sell transactions.

What you should know: Many links require personal data before giving you the investment information you want.

How to get there: Let the Work & Money site connect you:

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