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The bestselling vehicles listed below are equipped with automatic transmission, air conditioning, dual airbags, CD player, power windows and locks, and cruise control.

Car Bargains, which provides the data, is a new-car shopping service that, for $165, gets bids from five dealers in your area on the car you want. The prices include destination charges, customer rebates, and dealer incentives, but exclude fees and regional advertising expenses. Call 800-475-7283 for more information.

1999 Best- Amount over (+) Factory

sellers Best Amount under (-) invoice

sticker price price factory invoice cost

Dodge Grand Caravan SE 2WD

$24,665 $20,329 -$2,000 $22,329

Buick LeSabre Custom

$25,448 21,331 -1,900 23,231

Toyota Camry LE 4-Cyl

$20,468 17,647 -300 17,947

Ford Explorer XLT 4WD

$29,585 26,709 +0 26,709

Ford F150 Super Cab XLT 2WD

$23,125 20,263 +0 20,263

Source: CarBargains

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